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“Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for your letter, I choose to congratulate you on your new life.
It's very strange you write to me, because I've used you many times in my inner universe in the past few months.

I had to decide on a course. Decide whether private and work could be conbined without any major loss in my life, I chose myself and my needs ☺ I feel really good, and fortunately I have not had a relapse!

I have become more assertive. I know what I stand for, and my stress process has made me stronger.

Today I would probably describe myself as a better person, a little cliché-like, but once you've been out there where brushing your teeth is a challenge, then you will learn gradually, to love yourself a little more every time something goes you well . This does not mean that I do not have or have had my challenges, believe me, I have. A personality type like me must constantly work on myself, when choosing to or from in life, it applies both professionally and private. Being a pleaser can sometimes be a challenge, if I'm not careful! There will always be something to work on, however the span between my challenges is longer and longer.

I have used your tools and do stop now and then to feel how I feel. That is a great thing for me and gives me many personal victories. I'm not lying when I say that it has become part of me, it's just like a diet change. It really is a change of course for a better well-being.

I still hold my position as HR assistant with XX in Corporate HR. I am really on the right track here, have been allowed to develop myself, and found one of my core competencies that is "working with people". I'm starting on a coach training in January as part of my work with XX's employees and will then be well prepared for the daily challenges that sometimes occur in a HR department.

From our first meeting I have been one of your biggest fans (I believe) ☺ It goes without saying and bluntly that your professional side is on the very top, but your personality has also played a major role for me.

As a "client" I see you as trustworthy and I have throughout my history with you felt that you gave a bit of yourself every time we met.

I was not just a number in the series. For that reason I have trusted you, and worked hard to get back to "life".

I do not think that things should have been handled differently as several of my challenges was related to other people's behaviour, I let myself be used, pleasede too much, struggled to get other people's recognition, and in the lack of self-esteem and BUM there I was lying down.

Today I can see that it is important to take responsibility for your own life, we can not expect others do it for us. That lesson has been a specific gift from you as there is only one who can feel my body!

I hope you can use my words and my case, and will follow you eagerly in the future. Should you require further details please feel free to contact me again. You have been my greatest source of inspiration, and I am grateful to have met you on my path in life. Your work has helped to make me the holistic person I am today ☺”

Many greetings,
G. B. K.
Corporate Human Resources with listed company who wants to remain anonymous


"As a new organization based on a range of blended units from other organizations, we had great need to find a ”common ground”. Our day with Suzanne Hird was an important foundation for the future work with our organization. The Theme Day was a great combination of focus on the individual's strengths, opportunities and challenges, based on the Enneagram, in conjunction with a focus on the ”ingredients” needed to cooperate and function in a staff group.

Suzanne Hird as a teacher was lively and engaging. And, the content was ”to understand” and interesting to all, and I think every employee got something positive – though certainly different - to take home.

A one-day course was too short a time to come all around, but we have got a good kick-off to our continued work to strengthen our cooperation - and it has definitely helped to make it "legitimate" to discuss and work with some of the most basic elements of cooperation – the things you often get to skip in daily life, where time is limited. I can certainly recommend Suzanne Hird if there is a need for new energy in the cooperation."

I. E. C.
Development Consultant with public business