Transformational Leader and Executive Counselor Suzanne Hird’s strength lies in optimizing well-being, motivation and performance of the organization through the development and transformation of managers, employees and teams by 1: 1 sessions, lectures and courses.

She is a specialist in quickly getting to the core of the matter, especially the more complex one, and has more than 30 years of vast experience, most recently as self-employed with both large and small customers nationally and internationally. She can quickly relate to the customers' issues and challenges which means that Suzanne's expertise in communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and ability to make tough decisions is reflected in her work as a fast-tracker flying where ever needed, and solves the difficult situation as soon as it occurs before she flies on to the next task.

Furthermore, her work includes several articles on positive and healthy lifestyle changes in several magazines and journals, and also being a columnist on Well-being at Work for five years. She appeared on National TV in her capacity as stress management specialist coaching business consultants on stress management. Her experience has also been put together in two books regionally and globally including well-being at work, stress- and conflict management, meditation and mindfulness as well as work-life balance.

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