Book on Stress Management, wellness at work, meditation, mindfulness and Work-Life Balance

Stress is a growing problem in modern society, and in How to Manage Stress, author Suzanne Hird offers a practical approach to dealing with stress. Through exercises and lessons, Hird helps you come to terms with the stress in your life and teaches you how to cope with it.

Focusing on an approach to occupational psychology with notions related to the psychological workplace environment, How to Manage Stress deals with questions like:

  • What is stress?
  • What are positive stress and negative stress?
  • Can stress be positive, and if so, what conditions must be present?
  • Are some stress symptoms more dangerous than others?
  • What are the typical causes of stress?
  • What are the manager’s responsibilities for employees feeling stress?
  • What can you do to prevent health-threatening stress?

How to Manage Stress provides a wide range of solutions to solve issues related to stress, problems, conflicts, communication, and finding your core values in life.

The book also deals with three unique issues that you most likely do not find in any other book.

One is an understanding of that part of the personality psychology that describes the reason why you have become the person that you are and also how to grow should you feel stuck.

The other is how to cancel your membership of the Mr. Nice Guy and Ms. Doormat Club whilst staying who you are and earning respect from others in doing so.

The third is a checkup and overhaul of you and your life—a checkup that should be performed several times a year in order to stay fit, happy, and stress-free. It provides motivation for inspiring solutions, which allows you to act in an active, purposeful, and constructive manner for the benefit of yourself, your family, your colleagues, and the workplace.

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