Book on Stress Management, wellness at work, meditation, mindfulness and Work-Life Balance

Do you want to live your life as free of stress as possible and yet achieve wellness by being mindful and balancing work with life?

That is possible for you and moreover it is not so very hard to achieve.
As a capacity in her field, Suzanne Hird creates sustainable and proven results for her clients and customers not only through the combination of her educational skills and hands-on-experience, but also due to the fact that she speaks and understand the language of businesses and entrepreneurs. Hird has put a lot of effort in converting complex theory into simple techniques that are easy to follow.

In this self-improvement book, Hird presents a greater understanding of the psychological workplace environment, what stress really is, and the dynamics of your personality that causes you to experience stress or not.

How to Manage Stress offers specific methods and tools for handling the stress of everyday problems at work and in life. Three of these are very unique and you will only find them in this book. Please read more about that in the Book section.

By reading this book you will be able to:

  • Prevent and relieve stress
  • Understand why or why not you developed stress
  • Test your level of stress
  • Identify others stress level
  • Solve problems and conflicts with win/win results
  • Find your core and gain work-life balance
  • Learn stress management
  • Attain wellness at work
  • Use meditation and mindfulness

This is an evergreen you would want to have. How to Manage Stress is for all kind of people who wants to manage their stress, stay mindful and lead a balanced life style. You might want to read it from A to Z or you would consult it whenever the need for a solution to a specific matter should arise. All the book’s tools and techniques are easily applicable both at work and in life, which makes it stand out in its field.

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